He's the Best!

“I worked regularly with Drew for several months and was blown away by his depth of knowledge, personalized attention, kindness and ability to synthesize new information about me and what he was learning. I have no doubt I am healthier because of Drew. I would HIGHLY recommend working with him and have already urged many people I know to call him. He’s the best!” –Beth W.

Great to Work With

“Drew sees the human body, it’s parts, it’s energy as one whole interconnected system.  Besides his deep knowledge of functional medicine, he’s also great to work with on a practical level: he sets an individual plan based on where I am, what is practical to implement and sustain while pushing me to stretch, and he follows up our sessions with clear easy-to-follow notes.” –James M.

Functional Cancer Care

“As a cancer patient, I have found that there is a general lack of support in the traditional Western medical community for learning what you CAN do to help yourself recover, heal and live better. Drew is smart and thorough regarding the science of the body and understands as well the mind-body connection. Drew has taught me practical ways to take care of my body and my spirit. For this, I am deeply grateful.” –Mary O.

Love, Kindness, Intelligence & Knowledge

“Drew’s innate sense of loving kindness and intelligence, coupled with his extensive knowledge of bio chemistry, nutrition and overall health made it possible for me to leave behind dangerous pharmaceuticals. With Drew’s help I have seen and felt a remarkable difference in mind/body wellbeing. I find  Drew to be an easily accessible, extraordinarily valuable source of important and accurate information. I am deeply grateful to him.” –Alice N. 

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